Our Journey

Ecsalonce offers prestigious education and special development of skills in

nail technology and design

We offer the platform for nail enthusiast to excel in their art and provide the opportunity to transform our students into award winning nail artist and technicians.

We build dreams and empower you to take your career in nails to another level.

When I first ventured into nails 17 years ago, it was purely a hobby; to find a way to do artistic nails on myself which the nail salons could not offer at the time.

That first step led me towards seeking the best education from all over the world to perfect and develop the craft. I saw the need to offer proper nail education that not only limit to personal care but an expression of  art and beauty at its most creative level. With this Ecsalonce was established in 2002 to provide nail education with a difference.

Reflecting on the past 11 years, we have inspired and nurtured countless amazing talents, our students have become a close-knit community of good friends, successful business owners, nail champions, famous educators, celebrity nailists and we will still continue to be in the forefront in nail education and keeping our legacy alive.

My nail dream has taken me to the ends of the earth, teaching and sharing my skill, competing, judging, developing new products, publishing books and helping others to make their dreams a reality.

I believe that your nail journey with us will be equally gratifying and fulfilling.

It is our mission at Ecsalonce to provide you with an all- round education that leads you to perfecting the art of nails  and to help you seek your path in the nail industry towards becoming the nail technician, salon owner, competitor or an educator that you want to be.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and we are here to assist you.  Please feel free to contact us to answer any questions you may have towards the first step of becoming a world class nail technician. 

Yours sincerely,
Catherine Wong
Founder, Cover Artist, Published Author & Award Winning Educator

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